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When we meet: Day to day life

Regardless of how monotonous, inconsistent, unpredictable, exciting or boring you may think it is, your day to day life is something I'm going to want to know about.

Here are some questions for you to consider as you're reflecting on the answer to "What brings you in?" and the ways that your answer may compound or intertwine with other areas of your life.

  • What do you spend the most time doing during the day?

  • What are your hobbies? (Do you have any downtime?)

  • What do you do for work?

  • How do you rest?

  • Who do you interact with regularly?

  • Who do you live with?

  • Who are your closest friends?

  • What spiritual or religious practices do you engage in?

  • How's your sleep?

  • How's your health?

  • How's your appetite?

  • How's your diet?

  • What's your substance/alcohol use?

  • How's your physical activity?

  • How's your sexual activity?

  • How's your mood on a typical day?

These are examples of the various parts of your day to day life that I'll want to get to know--whether I'm working with you as an individual or as a couple/family. Often times, the answer to "What brings you in?" impacts many of these areas of life. And, we'll get to know how those pieces are interrelated as we unravel the entanglements and find new ways to cope and seek wellness in your day to day life.

Also, don't expect for us to cover all of these day to day life topics in the first session - it can take multiple conversations and revisiting of conversations to really build a foundation for getting to know the various dimensions of your life. Just know that I'll be curious to hear anything that you believe may be relevant, and I'll try my best to come back around to asking about the pieces you don't mention.

Note: Stay tuned for future posts on these specific day to day life topics.

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