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Series: When we meet

If you're new to therapy or are looking for some perspective because you had a negative experience with a therapist in the past, this series might be a helpful resource for you as you consider your expectations for therapy and the qualities you are looking for in a therapist.

Will you want a therapist who will solely focus on or target the problem area that you're bringing to the table, or will you want a therapist who considers that problem area within a broader context of who you are? Are you looking for a therapist who will give concrete answers to your questions, or ask you more questions to assist you in discovering those answers for yourself? Will you want to learn more information about mental health, tools, strategies and the various dimensions of wellness, or will you want to stick to a venting session with no feedback or insights on what you talk about? What kinds of topics and aspects of your identity would you want addressed and better understood in the context of your reasons for seeking therapy, or which ones would you want to keep removed from the therapy space?

Chances are, you are probably wanting some combination of these things in a therapeutic relationship. Or, maybe this is the moment when you decide you'd prefer a different type of service like a career coach, matchmaker, fitness trainer, dietitian, etc.

In this series, I'll be writing about various topics that you can expect us to explore when we meet and as I get to know you. And, I'll share with you why I believe those topics are important for our work together. Whether my approaches resonate with you or not, my hope is that you gain more insight into what direction you'd like to go next.

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