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Family Therapy

In It Together

Relational therapy for sibling or parent-child relationships ages 13 and up

The dynamics of family relationships can change and evolve over time as each family member goes through various life experiences. This is a space for family members to come together to improve their relationships with each other, to increase emotional connection, improve communication, and to support each other through various seasons of life. 

Here are some questions that may resonate for you as you consider getting started:

Are you...

  • Going through a difficult life transition as a family? 

  • Feeling misunderstood by your family?

  • Navigating a family member's medical condition or recent diagnosis?​

  • Wanting to improve your relationship with your child (13+ years old), sibling, or parent?

  • Hoping to increase communication between you and your family member?

  • Feeling hurt by a past experience with each other and want to work through it together?

Whatever your family is going through, your decision to be in it together by opening up and engaging in the process of therapy is a brave and courageous step to take.

We'd be honored to be a part of your journey.

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