Radiant Marriage and Family Therapy PLLC

Collaborative, culturally responsive, trauma-informed, and strengths-based therapy for individuals, couples, and families. For people who want a better relationship with themselves, with each other, and with those around them.

At this time, all sessions are virtual through our secure online Telehealth service until further notice.

Happy Twins

Individual Therapy

Empowerment & Change

Therapy for adults 18+ seeking to grow and to improve their relationships.

Common topics addressed:

  • Anger

  • Depression

  • Family challenges

  • Grief and Loss

  • Health challenges

  • Identity (e.g. race, culture, gender, sexuality, career, etc.)

  • Life transitions (e.g. relocation, job loss/change, relationship changes, etc.)

  • Mild substance abuse

  • Relational distress

  • Stress & Anxiety

Couples Therapy

Prioritizing the Relationship

Relational therapy for long-term, cohabiting, engaged, or married couples.

Common topics addressed:​

  • Communication and conflict

  • Emotional connection and intimacy

  • Life transitions

  • Navigating differences in culture

  • Navigating health and mental health challenges as a couple

  • Relationship transitions and decision making

Family Therapy

In It Together

Relational therapy for sibling or parent-child relationships ages 13 and up.

Common issues addressed:​

  • Co-parenting during separation/divorce

  • Family conflicts

  • Grief & Loss in the family

  • Life transitions (e.g. recently moved, new child in family, divorce/separation)

  • Navigating health and mental health challenges as a family

  • Parenting


"What if change and growth requires us to take a close look at the past and present in order to embrace and prepare for the newness ahead? Would you do it?"

Liz Chang, LMFT